Bronze casting around iron casting Stronger and more economic

We have removed lots of problems with the ” Bronze casting system around pig casting hub “ which is invented by Güven Döküm Sanayi. You can finish your work quicker by removing the screw system which is put in order to combine the bronze casting and pig casting. We can apply this system around all kinds of iron metals and pig casting types.

In this system with the help of reverse conical gears around the pig hub, the bronze which is cast has the same strength near to the shatter degree of the iron. Even in the high heat, the connection gap of two irons will not be separated (such as oil entrance in between).

With the help of technical casting system which is special to our company, there are no gaps and pores on the bronze casting. At past we have been using screw system but now the screw system has ended with the use of this system. The strength has been raised; problems such as costs and time loss have been removed.


Centrifugal Bronze casting around iron casting

Our company has applied the ” CENTRIFUGAL BRONZE CASTING AROUND IRON CASTING “ which is a first among the works done in order to develop the system in the world.

With this system more durable and long lasting material has been produced. The aim of this system is with the ” bronze casting ” as a result of the pressing; to raise the resistance of the material and to make it more reliable and without pores, with a clean inner structure and thus to produce durable materials.

As Güven Bronz Metal we are happy to be the first in the world to apply this system which is %25 more durable than other casting methods (sand casting etc.).

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